Software comes from heaven when you have good hardware.

Ken Olsen

compComputers have become an integral part of our daily lives. There are multiple activities that can be done using a computer which range from simple tasks such as typing, playing video games or researching in the internet to more complex usage such as developing video games coding websites and managing special softwares such as those used in the banking sector. All this is made possible by the fact that computers can easily follow instructions on the program which is being executed by both the hardware and software parts of the computer.

wireless mouse keyboardThe hardware component of the computer being the physical parts which are tangible needs a lot of care for their functionality to be optimal and normal. This in turns ensures that there are minimal outages and that the up-time of the computer is guaranteed. Moreover, it makes it easier to upgrade or repair the computer.

The most common hardware components include the input devices such as mouse, keyboard, joystick etc, the motherboard, the graphical processing unit, the central processing unit, the power supply, the monitor etc.

People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware.

Alan Kay

technicianAs much as we rely on computer in most of the activities today, we all know that hardware components can wear out with time or may have other complications such as non-compatibility with the software or crashes due to power surges or over-use of the computer. Hence there is a need for a computer user to know the hardware components or to be able to entirely fix some hardware issues without the need to incur extra cost as one seeks the services of a technician.

Previously, this website had been a forum whereby different issues of hardware problems and compatibility could be solved by the sharing of idea and information by other forum members hence enabling the person with a problem to have it fixed.

The forum also had other categories such as updates of new computer components released, PC gaming discussions, multimedia and graphical discussions as well as news about computer technology among other smaller categories.

It was in operation from late 2000 to mid 2013 when the domain was left to expire. I recently bought the domain at an auction and I’ll be creating content which revolve about the world of computer technology. Already there are several posts that I have published and you can access them by clicking through various categories below or various headings. Be sure to visit the site again for more updated content